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    Manchester Family Health provides comprehensive, overall care for the whole family. Our goal is to care for your family from pediatrics to geriatrics, generation to generation.
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  • From Pediatrics

    From the time the child is born and throughout their pediatric care needs, Manchester Family Health is here. Our family physcians are trained to provide you and your children with the best care possible.

  • To Geriatrics

    We want to be with you through all of the ups and downs of your life - especially when it comes to your health. Manchester Family Health wants to create a life-long relationship with its patients that continues through the generations, which will ultimately lead to a healthy, long, life.

Manchester Family Health | Manchester, ME

Manchester Family Health is the only family health center in Manchester, ME whose  physicians are trained to offer comprehensive care to patients of all ages. Our traditional approach to medical care and the modern technology we use, provides our patients with a personal relationship with their physician that lasts a lifetime. We specialize in care that spans from pediatrics to geriatrics, continuing care for generations in your family.

“Everyday and in every way making patients happier.”

We participate with many different insurance companies as well as Workers’ Compensation.

If  for any reason you cannot reach us after hours (if phones or electricity are down for instance) please call your local hospital. Additionally, our new now-show policy is in effect – if you can not make an appointment, please call us! This will help us provide you and other patients with better service.



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